Financial modeling experts for university students preparing for their first job or internship

Turn your knowledge into experience. modex unis evaluates your modelling skills by simulating a common interview scenario in which you answer questions related to a model you've created in Excel



  • 2-hour duration
  • Simulates a job interview
  • Designed for entry level (internships and analysts)
  • Choose your day
  • Take the exam from your computer
  • Developed by active modeling professionals


  • Command of Excel
  • Structuring of your model
  • Financial statements integration
  • Company valuation methods
  • Discounted Cashflow
  • Comparables
  • WACC
  • Free Cash Flow


Beginner level

There is no mandatory training or prerequisites needed to take the modex® exam, although there are specific financial modelling courses to prepare accordingly.

The modex® is earned by those who can prove their modelling proficiency independently of where, or how, they learned to model.

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“Taking the modex unis certification exam has given me the opportunity to secure an internship"

Cristina Sánchez Gurtubay

Intern at Deloitte, Madrid

“Modelling is an important skill and a crucial part of the selection process. The modex model has the potential to become a valuable tool in the recruitment landscape’.

Gail McManus

Head of PER,Europe’s leading private equity recruitment specialist.

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