How to build a financial model

In this article we will explain the following aspects in more detail:What does it take to learn to build a financial model/financial modelingTypes of financial models3How to build a financial model-Tips to build a perfect financial model 1. What does it take to learn to build a financial model / financial modeling • Excel: To date, Excel is still the most widespread program, there are indeed other alternatives, but for now, and for a long time, Excel will prevail. You don't have to be an Excel expert, with basic knowledge you can make a good model, although it is true


Model from scratch or templates?

As a school of financial modeling, it is normal and logical that we think that modeling is a "must-have" among the techniques that a financial analyst must master in practice.Naturally, we are not, and cannot be, objective in this assessment, since it is the foundation on which our school, is based. For us, learning to design financial models is vital to correctly model any type of business.That is why it is comforting to find articles and opinions from people who are not CEOs of a training company or financial modeling courses and who publicly express the same idea: That financial

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