Venture Capital, whats is it and how it works?

It is the financing of startups and small companies by investors who believe in their long-term growth potential. Since startups lack access to capital markets, borrowing is very difficult. Venture capital today enables these small businesses to receive the necessary financing. The key players on the investor side (venture capitalists) include funds, companies or venture capital managers, business angels, etc. and their business model consists of investing their money in different startups to diversify risks and with the hope that in this bet, some achieve success, offering high profitability, which will materialize through its sale after a few years. Venture

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What are the financial statements?

What are the financial statements? They are the most important documents that a company has to prepare. The economic and patrimonial situation of a company is reflected in the financial statements, is essential to know if a company is profitable or not.The financial statements must reflect a true image of the company in a determined period with the ultimate objective of giving an overview of it.They must be carried out following the structure dictated by the general accounting plan.Who should be familiar with financial statements? Knowing how to build rigorous and well-designed statements is of interest to any financial analyst,


¿Qué es el yield a la hora de valorar un inmueble?

Si estás considerando una inversión inmobiliaria es importante entender el concepto del yield o rendimiento. Yield/ Redimiento: El yield se calcula anualmente, como un porcentaje de los ingresos esperados dividido por el valor del activo. Si los ingresos esperados son brutos, hablamos del gross yield. Por ejemplo s hablamos de unas oficinas, el gross yield incluye el ingreso esperado después de alquilarlas todas, como porcentaje del valor de compra del edificio.                                                    Gross Yield = Annual

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