What is a job in Private Equity?

Would you like to work in Private Equity? Do you know what is done in this job? In this article we want to show you and guide you what a job in Private Equity consists of.What does it take to learn to build a financial model/financial modeling. What is private equity? A Private Equity is a manager that manages the funds of its investors. Thus, they use investor funds to acquire companies and, after a period that is usually around 3-5 years, sell them. The capital gain obtained (if applicable) with the sale will be the return obtained from the

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What is an Audit job?

Would you like to work as an auditor, do you know what they do in audits? In this article, we want to show you and guide you in what an audit job consists. What is the audit? Auditing is a highly demanded profession in Spanish territory and abroad. All companies (medium and large) must be audited by law, therefore they must have independent auditors to carry out this work. Although there are numerous independent auditors, the most important, reputable, and best known are the so-called “Big Four” (PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and EY). We will focus on them to explain the

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What is an strategic consulting job?

Thinking of working in strategic consulting? If you have decided to change jobs or want to dedicate yourself to the world of management, this article will help you to have the clearest ideas about strategic consulting. Below we will show you a summary of what it is, usual departures, main consulting companies, and selection processes in this sector: What do strategic consulting firms do? These firms provide advisory services to large companies for the definition of their strategies and/or their implementation. They also prepare detailed reports in which they deeply study a certain company from a commercial point of view.

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What is a job in Investement Banking?

Would you like to work in investment banking? Do you know what is done in this job? In this article, we want to show you and guide you on what a job in investment banking consists of. What is Investment Banking? It is the financial advice provided to companies or Private Equity funds. Broadly speaking, its functions can be classified into purchase operations, sales operations, and information search. What are the usual career opportunities in 3/5 years? The most common career path after working between 3 and 5 years in an investment bank is a Private Equity fund. Another alternative

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CFO, Controller, Treasury, and FP&A? Positions in the finance department

The Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) teams play a crucial role in companies by being responsible for both budgeting, in line with corporate strategy, and for analyzing what is happening month by month in all areas of the business. Before getting into the more specific functions of this department, we are going to make a summary of the work of who is who in the financial area of ​​the company. CFO The role of the CFO is to improve the company's EBITDA through the implementation of strategic decisions, which are almost always oriented to sell more and / or spend

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Stages of financing a startup

Back to "school", new season, the ideal time to rescue that idea, project, or business that you have been thinking about while enjoying a mojito looking out to sea.While you were finishing the mojito, you have considered leaving everything in search of a dream or combining your professional life with a project that makes you feel fulfilled.One of the biggest difficulties in this type of adventure is identifying the moment and who has to invest in your business. Some startups introduce a Business Angel too early or others that open a financing round when they need it.In this article we

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Venture Capital, whats is it and how it works?

It is the financing of startups and small companies by investors who believe in their long-term growth potential. Since startups lack access to capital markets, borrowing is very difficult. Venture capital today enables these small businesses to receive the necessary financing. The key players on the investor side (venture capitalists) include funds, companies or venture capital managers, business angels, etc. and their business model consists of investing their money in different startups to diversify risks and with the hope that in this bet, some achieve success, offering high profitability, which will materialize through its sale after a few years. Venture

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Common questions in a financial modeling interview (and answers)

If you are looking for a professional opportunity within the financial modeling field, you have to prepare to leave the interview successfully.Every interview is different in financial analyst positions. In this article we are going to give you the most common questions that interviewers usually ask in hiring processes:What do you understand by financial modeling? Why is it useful?How to build a financial model?What is the difference between GM, EBITDA, EBIT, EBT and NP?What is Working Capital and how to interpret it?What are the main characteristics that define a good model?Make sure you know the following financial ratios:What is sensitivity

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What are the financial statements?

What are the financial statements? They are the most important documents that a company has to prepare. The economic and patrimonial situation of a company is reflected in the financial statements, is essential to know if a company is profitable or not.The financial statements must reflect a true image of the company in a determined period with the ultimate objective of giving an overview of it.They must be carried out following the structure dictated by the general accounting plan.Who should be familiar with financial statements? Knowing how to build rigorous and well-designed statements is of interest to any financial analyst,


How to build a financial model

In this article we will explain the following aspects in more detail:What does it take to learn to build a financial model/financial modelingTypes of financial models3How to build a financial model-Tips to build a perfect financial model 1. What does it take to learn to build a financial model / financial modeling • Excel: To date, Excel is still the most widespread program, there are indeed other alternatives, but for now, and for a long time, Excel will prevail. You don't have to be an Excel expert, with basic knowledge you can make a good model, although it is true


¿Qué es el yield a la hora de valorar un inmueble?

Si estás considerando una inversión inmobiliaria es importante entender el concepto del yield o rendimiento. Yield/ Redimiento: El yield se calcula anualmente, como un porcentaje de los ingresos esperados dividido por el valor del activo. Si los ingresos esperados son brutos, hablamos del gross yield. Por ejemplo s hablamos de unas oficinas, el gross yield incluye el ingreso esperado después de alquilarlas todas, como porcentaje del valor de compra del edificio.                                                    Gross Yield = Annual


Model from scratch or templates?

As a school of financial modeling, it is normal and logical that we think that modeling is a "must-have" among the techniques that a financial analyst must master in practice.Naturally, we are not, and cannot be, objective in this assessment, since it is the foundation on which our school, is based. For us, learning to design financial models is vital to correctly model any type of business.That is why it is comforting to find articles and opinions from people who are not CEOs of a training company or financial modeling courses and who publicly express the same idea: That financial

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