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The First Sector Specific Financial Modelling Certification

Your skill at financial modelling is what gives you an edge. It is the distinction telling the world you are ready.

Anyone can take a course. Anyone can put it on their resume. But a Modex Certification separates you from the crowd. By taking this benchmark exam, you are recognized by prestigious financial institutions across the globe and you move to the top of the list in the hiring pipeline




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For students, those seeking careers in finance, and finance professionals looking for an innovative online certification in financial modelling with Excel.

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Developed by financial modelling specialists within their fields of expertise. Tested at the most prestigious business schools in Europe, representing more than 35 different nationalities. Utilized by top industry recruiters and premiere financial institutions all over the world.


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • The test is very comprehensive and it requires a good understanding of leverage buyouts...

    Manuel Gonzalez Alonso

    LBS 2019 Candidate

  • The exam simulated very well the challenges faced in the financial modelling of a real LBO

    Marcelo Eduardo Vieira

    IESE MBA Candidate, class of 2018

  • Modex pe is a very interesting tool which helped us to better assess the financial...

    Rafael Lopez Armenta

    Partner at GED Capital

  • Taking modex pe test was a great opportunity to objectively evaluate my financial...

    Maxim Mishin

    LBS MBA candidate


  • "Potencia tus conocimientos en modelización financiera y multiplica tus opciones laborales"
  • “Certificación pionera que evalúa la capacidad de desarrollar correctamente un modelo financiero”
  • “La modelización financiera, un valor al alza para el Private Equity”
  • "La certificación modex ha sido testada en procesos de selección y en algunas de las escuelas de negocio más prestigiosas de Europa"

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