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“Modelling is an important skill and a crucial part of the selection process. The Modex model has the potential to become a valuable tool in the recruitment landscape’.

Gail McManus, Managing Director and founder of PER, Europe’s leading private equity recruitment specialist.

“Taking the modex pe test was a great opportunity to objectively evaluate my financial modelling skills and receive detailed feedback. The given case was challenging, but resembled actual modelling assignments in private equity” modex pe score: 86,4%

Maxim Mishin, LBS MBA candidate

“The test is very comprehensive and it requires a good understanding of leverage buyouts…”

Manuel Gonzalez Alonso, LBS 2019 Candidate

“The exam simulated very well the challenges faced in the financial modelling of a real LBO”

Marcelo Eduardo Vieira, IESE MBA Candidate, class of 2018

“modex pe is a very interesting tool which helped us to better assess the financial modeling capacity of our team”

Rafael Lopez Armenta, Partner at GED Capital

“Taking the modex intro certification exam has given me the opportunity to secure an internship”

Cristina Sánchez Gurtubay, Deloitte

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“Our packs prepare you for the modex tests and for your next selection process in a short time”

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